Nurident Clinic is located in "Lozenets", 71 "Zlatovrah" str.

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We have over 16 years of experience and we build steadily confidence in our patients. Go to who we are to see the dental services we offer. We are waiting for you!

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D-r S.M.Noori – owner and founder of Nurident Clinics

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Dr. Seyed Madjid Noori was born in Iran, the city of Ahwaz. Since 1993 lives in Bulgaria. In 1999 graduated in Dentistry Dental School in Plovdiv. He has 15 years of private practice in private clinic in Sofia. A member of Bulgarian Dental Association. Acquire postgraduate studies in Bulgaria and abroad in Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. With many years of experience and practice, Dr. S.M.Noori has won the trust of many Bulgarian and foreign patients living in England, Germany, America and other countries all around the world. Participated in several symposiums and dental conventions not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. Certified in:




  • Straumann (Switzerland):Basic and complex implantology treatment

Membran Gel

  • Neo Biotech (South Korea): Advanced education course of implantology and GBR

  • Prof.D-r Stephan Ihde (Switzerland) - International implant foundation

    Introduction into basal implantology and immediate loading;

    Basal implantology and immediate loading;

    Principles of basal ossteointegration,surgery and prothetics, treatent planning;

  • Titanuim Fix (Brasil): Dental Implants





  • Cosmedent: The art and science of direct composite restauration

    The ultimate bonding experience composite “Hands on”

  • CAD/CAM revolution in aesthetic dentistry





  • Ortho – T

  • Clear Alligner





  • Plasmolifting in Dentistry

  • Plasmolifting in Cosmetology and Trichology

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and occupies 23% of its territory. Bordered on the north by Romania; on the west by Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia; to the south by Greece and Turkey to the south west. East along the coastline, the country is washed by the waters of the Black Sea. Its area is 111 000 km2. and its population is 7,364,000 people (2011). It is the paradise of Europe, combining both mountain and sea tourism. The climate is mild - mild winters, warm and sunny summer. Plenty of cultural and historical attractions. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Dental tourism in Bulgaria can show you the best of Balkan food, scenery and cultural attractions. With the combination of sea, mountain and spa resorts you will never be bored. Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria.