Meet our team

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D-r Seyed Madjid Noori

Owner and founder of Nurident Clinics Implantologist and prosthetist

Dr. Seyed Madjid Noori was born in Ahwaz,Iran.

Since 1993 lives in Bulgaria. In 1999 graduated in Medical University of Plovdiv. He has 15 years in private clinic in Sofia. A member of Bulgarian Dental Association and Association of Aesthethic Dentistry. Acquire postgraduate studies in Bulgaria and abroad in Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology. With many years of experience and practice, Dr. S.M.Noori has won the trust of many Bulgarian and foreign patients living in America,Russia,EU and other countries all around the world. Participated in several symposiums and dental conventions not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. Certified by the leading persons in implantology. Dr. Noori has extensive experience in the field of classical and basal implantology and prosthetics over dental implants.

Certified in:


Classic Implantology

  • Straumann (Switzerland): Basic and complex implantology treatment

Membran Gel

  • Young Ku Heo -Neo Biotech (South Korea): Advanced education course of implantology and GBR

  • Titanuim Fix (Brasil): Dental Implants

Basal Implantology

  • Prof.D-r Stephan Ihde (Switzerland) - International implant foundation

    • Introduction into basal implantology and immediate loading;

    • Basal implantology and immediate loading;

      Principles of basal ossteointegration,surgery and prothetics, treatent planning;

    • Practic courses – live placement of basal implants led by prof.D-r Stefan Ihde.



  • Cosmedent: The art and science of direct composite restauration

    • The ultimate bonding experience composite “Hands on”

  • CAD/CAM Revolution in aesthetic dentistry


  • Invisalign

  • Ortho – T

  • Clear Alligner


  • Plasmolifting in Dentistry

  • Plasmolifting in Cosmetology and Trichology

We can create a new world of possibilities to improve the level and quality of your life by using the most advanced technologies. We also offer you contemporary periodontal (gum) and endodontic (root canal) treatment, orthodontics and oral surgery. Our goal is to get the best possible dental care. This means that we will do everything necessary to bring to an optimum state your teeth and gums, and prevent future problems. We want to let you know that after a treatment is completed,you need to visit us for examinations, in order to maintain a high level of oral health.

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D-r. Atanas Pastarmadzhiev


Atanas Pastarmadzhiev graduated dentistry at the Dental Faculty in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2010.

Since 2010, worked as a dentist in "Denta Smile" dental clinic - Lviv, Ukraine.

In 2013, acquired Master Degree in "Orthodontics".

Over the years attended many courses to raise the level of general practice and specialty evidenced by certificates.

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D-r Genoveva Damyanova

Dental specialist

D-r Damyanova graduated with honors education as a dentist in 2013 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Varna. She has interests in the field of prosthetic dentistry, periodontology, children's dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and attended numerous workshops and courses to increase the qualification in these areas.

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D-r Vera Parvanova

Dental specialist

Born on April 22, 1991. Graduated Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson", Sofia profile "Biology with English" in 2010, the same year
accepted in the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia. She has participated in national conferences in dentistry and many other dental events in the country.